About us

The StudentsDraft is the online platform that provides important information about enrollment into American universities, facilitates the recruitment process, and helps students reach their potential. Here you can learn about careers, sports, opportunities, and choosing the right university for you.

Here you will create a profile in which you can highlight your skills and accomplishments and get noticed by recruiters. Your profile will show all academic and athletic data that coaches, recruiters and admission staff from universities in the United States would like to see.

We help to improve communication between students and recruiters, innovate the recruitment process, and make it easier to find scholarships. Our mission is to match talented students with colleges and universities that will help them to compete, learn, and grow into successful adults. Because we have the first-hand experience as student-athletes who have been through the recruitment process ourselves, we are better able to understand students’ situations and help them navigate the recruiting process, college athletic and academic systems.

The StudentsDraft Is made with the students in mind. One place, with all the opportunities.